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Fitness Testing

The Brockport Physical Fitness Test will be administered to students twice a year.  We will test during the months of September and October and then again in the months of May and June. The four parts of the test we use are the pacer run, curl-ups, bench press, and the sit-and-reach. The sit-and-reach test measures hamstring flexibility. The curl-up test measures abdominal strength and endurance. The bench press test measures upper body strength and endurance. And the pacer test measures cardio-respiratory endurance, or the endurance of the heart and lungs. 

Video clips for bench press, sit and reach, curl-up, and pacer tests are from J.P. Winnick, 2011, Brockport 
Physical Fitness Test DVD (Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics). © Human Kinetics. Used with permission from Human Kinetics (www.humankinetics.com). All rights reserved.

P.A.C.E.R. Test

P.A.C.E.R.Stands for Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run. It is a multi-stage fitness test, performed in a shuttle-run format, that helps children pace themselves effectively, and is generally regarded as more fun for younger children than the mile run because the pace can be set to music. The P.A.C.E.R. is a viable alternative to the mile run, even though both tests measure aerobic capacity, because it can be administered indoors or in a much smaller area than is needed for the mile run. 


Bench Press Test

Measures Strength & Endurance of the Arms, Chest, & Back

* The participant grasps a barbell with both hands directly above the shoulders and with elbows flexed; this is the ready position.

* Hands on the bar should be shoulder width apart with thumbs wrapped around the bar. On command the student raises the bar to a straight arm position.

* The student repeats this action without rest until the bar cannot be raised any longer or until 50 repetitions for males and 30 for females have been successfully completed.


Curl-up Test

Measures Strength & Endurance
of the Abdominal Muscles(stomach)

* Complete 1 full curl-up every 3 seconds (follow count from CD).

* Use stomach muscles to lift body, not arms or hands.


Sit-n-Reach Test

Measures Flexibility of the Hamstrings (back of upper legs)

* Fully extend one leg, and bend the other and point knee toward ceiling.

* Reach toward toes with both hands equally.

* Hold stretch for a minimum of two seconds.

* Repeat with other leg.


    Adaptations to the testing procedures will be made as necessary in response to the unique needs and abilities of each child. This may include the modification of the above or substitution of additional procedures.






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