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PE Students of the Month 

Congratulations to Kyra Calhoun and Eduardo Vargas for winning PE Student of the Month for the month of January! The winners have demonstrated good listening skills, they are prepared for class every day, show good sportsmanship and have accomplished a goal or activity that they never have done before. The winners will receive a PE Student of the Month certificate, a PE t-shirt and their pictures will be posted outside the gym on the bulletin board!


Kyra Calhoun


Eduardo Vargas

Kyra has given her full effort this month in PE. Her hard work has paid off because she is now a member of the Blizzard Hockey team in our Adapted Sports League! During the Blizzard's games Kyra excels in the relays and the passing accuracy competition. Congratulations Kyra and keep up the great work!


Eduardo is an extremely hard worker! His attitude and enthusiasm bring a lot of energy to his class during Physical Education. He is a great role model for his peers and his hard work during Physical Education earned him a spot on the Glaciers Hockey Team.  Eduardo has scored 12 points over the last two games for the Glaciers. Good job Eduardo and keep up the good work!

Criteria for PE Student of the Month

1. Student follows all PE rules

2. Student is prepared for PE every day

3. Student displays great attitude towards PE and their classmates

4. Student accomplishes a skill or activity that they have never before





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