Infant Program (Starting at six weeks)

Rooms have a 4-to-1 ratio. Staff provides a nurturing environment with an on demand schedule, which parents establish with staff. A private breastfeeding area is available for mothers on the go. There is plenty of "tummy time" as well as physical, social and cognitive development encouraging individual needs and experiences.

Toddler Program (6 weeks to 18 months)

Small room sizes with a 5-to-1 ratio encourage self-help kills, creativity, music and movement. Outdoor play, gross motor room activities and a schedule of both structured time and free playtime are available based on each child's individual needs.


Preschool Program (3 to 5 years old)

Classrooms consist of 12 students, one teacher and one or two teaching assistants. Every child receives instruction tailored to meet his or her individual needs. A literature-based thematic approach is used to foster your child's strengths, while preparing them for a successful and fulfilling kindergarten experience.

Kindergarten readiness is emphasized through the provision of reading, math experiences, discovery science, computer enrichment in our IT lab and daily language experiences. Children also have the opportunity to participate in daily motor activities.



Early Childhood programs run all-year round with a total of 11 annual holidays and one staff development day. The program offers special six-week summer sessions beginning and ending with the typical school calendar.

Hours of Operation

7:00am to 6:00pm

Special Services & Support

The Cantalician Center was founded to meet the individual needs of children that cannot be met within their home school district. We understand the importance of education and therapy services beginning at very early age in children demonstrating a disability. Cantalician continues this mission by offering preschool programs for children with minor, moderate, and severe developmental disabilities. Since 2008, the preschool program places 93% of its students back into their home school district for kindergarten.

Non-integrated classroom settings with six students in a room area are available with multiple opportunities for integration with peers who are non-disabled. Preschoolers who qualify for special education services in the Preschool setting are placed by the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). A number of support services are offered to students and their families. The multi-disciplinary team is made up of highly trained and experienced professionals, offering an array of specialized services, including:
      •  Special Education Instruction
     •   Comprehensive Initial Evaluations
     •   Occupational/Physical Therapy
     •   Speech/Language Therapy
     •   Behavioral Support
     •   Foster Grandparent Program
     •   Special Education Itinerant Teachers and Therapists


Rates are based on the age of child, number of hours per day, and number of days per week. The calculator below is designed to provide an estimate of expenses only. Please call the Early Childhood Center directly at (716) 901-8808 for our current rate schedule. Fees for the preschool program for children who qualify for special education services are paid by their county of residence. Professional staff dedicated to coordinating these services are available on request.





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To schedule a personal tour, contact (716) 901-8808 

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