Our dedicated staff consists of Master's Level Teachers and Certified Assistants with years of professional early childhood teaching experience. Our instructors are also certified by the New York State Department of Education (NYSED). For a better understanding of our approach, I encourage you to read the philosophy of education put together by our staff:

Our Philosophy of Education

All children, regardless of their ability level, are able to learn and have the right to learn in a nurturing, compassionate environment which prepares them intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally. An atmosphere which provides structure and routine allows children to feel safe and secure in the classroom environment, allowing growth.  Children develop at their own rate and have their own unique set of strengths, weaknesses and areas of need.  They enter the classroom with prior knowledge and experiences, including a belief system instilled by their families, which impacts how they progress.  Parents and other family members are respected partners in the education of children providing an important understanding of their background, religious and cultural differences, and expectations for the future.  A true partnership is formed by meaningful, frequent communication, and multiple opportunities to become actively involved thus cultivating consistent carry-over between home and school.


            A multi-sensory, whole-child approach with appropriate support, accommodations and/or modifications is provided to enable all children to succeed.  Differentiated instruction is an essential element used to meet the individual needs of each child.  Children are active and curious learners who are engaged in meaningful, hands-on learning activities, including purposeful play.  In order to build critical thinking and problem solving skills, children need to learn the fundamentals with clear limits and consistent boundaries to be successful. 


            Children learn through theme related, language-based activities in one-to-one situations, small/large groups, and independent practice using a variety of materials.  Kinesthetic and sensory activities are also incorporated into each child's day.  Lessons are centered around English Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Physical Education, Creative Arts, Health and Safety and real-world life experiences.  Inclusion of non-disabled children provides opportunities for cooperative learning, appropriate role modeling and higher expectations to succeed.  Children are taught how to be a member of a group, share, interact socially, and communicate effectively with peers and adults through direct instruction, modeling and daily practice.  The whole child is considered while developing their confidence, character, fostering independence, preparing them to function appropriately within the community, and facilitating the acquisition for the love of life-long learning.


            In conclusion, the educational team is held accountable for individual IEP goals, NYS standards, Core Curriculum lesson planning, and assessments to ensure individual needs are met and each child experiences success.  Administration provides the necessary resources which enable all involved to meet mandates, provide ongoing parent education/support and access for staff training.  We believe in sustained, high quality professional development for all members of the educational community.  We, as educators, have a duty to constantly evaluate our own performance, lead by example, empower children to become active and effective members of society, and to never stop learning.


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