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Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) assists children and adults with developmental disabilities gain access to necessary services and supports that meet their wants and needs. MSC is a service provided by the Cantalician Center and funded by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). This service is paid through Medicaid.

The MSC program is designed to help individuals with disabilities strive for the highest quality of life. Our focus is to assist each person achieve his/her own unique goals. We follow person centered planning to ensure that the services each person receives is centered around their needs.

Role of the MSC

  • Links you to services, programs, and resources within the community                   

  • Meets with you face to face. Minimally 3 times per year.

    • 2 ISP meetings

    • 1 Annual home visit

  • Creates, updates, and maintains the Individualized Service Plan (ISP)

    • ISP meetings held 2 times per year or as needed. (1 time per 6 months)

    • Meetings are person centered. Location, time and date is determined by the Individual and their family.

  • Acts as an advocate. Helps to problem solve and comes up with solutions to problems.

    • Ex) Transportation, Nutrition, Emergency Assistance

  • Monitors satisfaction with services and makes changes as needed

  • Ensures continuation of current benefits and applies for additional eligible benefits

    • Ex) Medicaid, referrals for Speech/Counseling/PT etc.

  • Identifies and addresses health and safety issues

    • Communicates with health care providers and specialists

For school age individuals, the MSC acts as a liaison between home and school.

  • Attends CSE or IEP meetings

For adults, the MSC acts as a liaison between you/your family and programs and services received.

  • Ex) Day Hab, IRA, Respite, Community Hab, SEMP, Community Pre-Vocational


Linkage and Referral

Your MSC will assist you in obtaining the services and supports you need to be successful. Linkage and referral includes, but is not limited to the following:

Waiver Services

  • Family Education and Training (under 18 only): A twice a year service to provide families information regarding the world of OPWDD.

  • Respite: Provides caregiver relief & social opportunities.

    • Hourly, Afterschool, Saturday, & Overnight

  • Community Habilitation (Traditionally for those at least 16 yrs old): Provides education & training in the home and community.

    • Residential option for individuals in IRAs is also available

  • Supported Employment: Helps you access jobs in the community.

    • Job coaching, Pathways to Employment & ETP.

  • Day Habilitation (Adult service): Helps you access day programs. Day programs focus on volunteering, education and community involvement.

    • Site based, Without Walls (WOW) and Supplemental

  • Community Pre-Vocational (Adult Service): Helps you access Community Pre-Vocational jobs. Meant to be temporary, Community Pre-Voc is a hands-on job training program that teaches work skills while you earn a paycheck.

  • Residential: Explore options, tour homes and assist in the application and transition process.

    • IRA, Family Care, Supported Apartments

  • Environmental Modifications (E-MOD): Assists you with making your home accessible through customizations.


  • Legal Guardianship/Supplemental Needs Trusts: Links your family to resources related to Guardianship and Special needs trusts.

  • Transitional Services (students age 14-21): Arranges tours of local programs and assists in the application and intake process.

  • Counseling/Therapy: Completes referrals for services such as counseling, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and psychiatry.

  • Financial Benefits: Obtain and/or secure continuation of a variety of benefits and services.

    • Ex) Medicaid, SNAP, Rep Payee

  • Family Reimbursement (Must live with family member): Links your family to agencies that help with reimbursement for items and services that are needed due to disability.

    • Ex) Lessons/Classes, Adaptive Equipment, Guardianship, Assistive technology

  • Other services: MSC links you with services and resources within the community.

    • Ex) Transportation, Communication, Classes, Training, Support Groups

Self-Directed Services

  • A non-traditional way to access services. This is a person centered approach to obtaining and maintaining services. You will work with a Broker, Fiscal Intermediary and MSC to choose, plan and implement your services. Working within a budget, you will get to pick the services that are right for you!

To apply for services or for additional information, please contact: 

Marie Sutton, Coordinator of Medicaid Service Coordination
[email protected]
(716) 901-8919



2049 George Urban Boulevard
Depew, NY 14043
Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) Hours: 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM
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