Firmly grounded in our vast accumulated experience and expertise, we will make every effort to inspire the formulation of public and private policies concerning the needs of those we serve. As such, it is our specific intention to bring to light the special needs of the children and adults we serve and to make their needs known to the people in our surrounding communities. We will make every effort to enlist their compassionate and generous response in both volunteer service and financial support.

Mission Statement

As a service institution of Special Education in Western New York since 1956, and faithfully attending to the needs of individuals with disabilities ever since, we regard it as our responsibility and mission to respond to human needs to the best of our ability and the extent of our resources.

In fulfillment of this mission, we will make use of the very best of human knowledge, professional techniques, dedicated personnel and creative programming. We will give primary attention to the preservation and enrichment of family life as well as attend to the special needs of individual growth that we encounter every day. In addition to the services that we ourselves can provide, we will act as advocates for those in need, making every attempt to secure additional services which are necessary for a dignified human existence.

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