Occupational Therapy 

The Occupational Therapy (OT) Department at Cantalician Center for Learning is made up of a diverse group of professionals with varying degrees of experience and a vast knowledge base of pediatric service delivery. The goal of the OT Department is to increase each student's functional skills throughout the many school environments and to be able access to their education through improving independence during academic/fine motor tasks, increasing their ability to self-regulate and maintain attention, decreasing the need for adult prompting/assistance during self-care tasks, identifying student strengths in relation to prevocational/vocational tasks, and intertwining the acquisition of play skills whenever possible. Through a diverse treatment approach that focuses on needs in the areas of sensory motor abilities, body awareness and control, muscle strength and endurance, visual-motor integration, fine motor manipulation, and exploration during play a student's needs can be met no matter the severity or type. Students are able work within a variety of spaces across the school environment, including the Occupational Therapy clinic, the state of the art sensory room, the vocational training room, the student's classroom settings, and the cafeteria. These spaces allow the Department to address needs within each students' natural environment as well as create applicable learning opportunities during every moment spent in therapy and throughout the school day. Each therapist has a wide range of materials at their fingertips and their creativity offers endless therapy options to meet each student's individual needs. Each Occupational Therapist works directly with the teacher to collaborate on treatment options that can be carried over within the classroom setting to ensure that each student is consistently developing the skills necessary to succeed.


Physical Therapy 

The Physical Therapy (PT) team at Cantalician Center for Learning consists of 6 full-time New York State licensed Physical Therapists who service approximately 50% of the Preschool and School Age populations. Physical Therapy service mandates are provided in accordance with each child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and range from daily to weekly sessions. We utilize a client-centered approach and work closely with all members of the child's 'Team' to ensure quality care that maximizes the child's mobility, functional potential and quality of life.

We provide therapy services in our accessible therapy clinics, fitness room, gross motor room and as push-ins to classroom activities. Therapeutic areas of concentration may include: strength, muscle tone, flexibility, orthopedics, postural control and positioning, gross motor skills, ambulation, endurance, coordination, balance, personal and environmental awareness, motor planning and recall, and medical and adaptive equipment.

The Physical Therapy Department provides on-site access to orthotic and durable medical equipment vendors to facilitate a stream-lined approach to the coordination of these plans of care elements. We also collaborate with local colleges to promote student affiliations/internships and research, in order to advance our profession. The department coordinates our yearly participation in the school day SABAH program, which addresses many of the therapeutic needs of a child in a community setting.


Speech/Language Therapy

The Speech Therapists in the Speech/Language Department at Cantalician Center for Learning are specially trained professionals who have earned Master'sdegrees, a New York State license, and/or a Department of Education certification, in addition to Clinical Competence Certificates from the American Speech and Hearing Association. Our department is an active part of the educational team who focuses on improving COMMUNICATION across classroom curriculum's, social interactions, recreational activities and community travels. We provide life changing treatment and support to our students who experience:

  • Speech disorders: Sound Production, Apraxia, Fluency and Voice.
  • Language disorders: Understanding others - Expressing thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc.
  • Social communication: Using communication skills to develop relationships, friendships, etc.
  • Cognitive communication: Organizing thoughts, problem solving, etc.
  • Swallowing disorders: Difficulty eating and/or drinking.
  • Need for Augmentative Alternative Communication: Speech generated devices, i-Pads, and PECS. 


For more information:
Academic Campus
2049 George Urban Boulevard
Depew, New York 14043
Fax: (716) 901-8800 or (716) 901-8776 (Vito Gigante, Occupational Therapy) or (716) 901-8766 (Judy Maciolek, Physical Therapy) or (716) 901-8755 (Sue Ruska, Speech/Language Therapy)
Office Hours: 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM


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